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Who Are We?

We're two kids from Southern California. Raised in Christian families, we understand the importance of being taught the gospel from a young age. Now with two young kids of our own, we desire to teach those truths to our kids. In looking for resources to engage with our kids, we found lots of great resources using a variety of media like songs, books, and audio/video presentations. However, we weren't able to find any resources that brought the principals and truths of the gospel to life with hands-on build-box style activities. Being an aerospace engineer and seeing all of the new engaging build boxes geared at teaching STEM to kids, gave me (Andrew) an idea. What if we made build boxes with fun and engaging activities specifically aimed at teaching foundational truths to our kids. So that's what we are setting out to do... We'd love it if you'd join us on our journey!

Join Us On Our Mission

We exist to equip parents to engage the next generation with carefully crafted experiences that provide a foundation for a life-long relationship with Jesus.

We accomplish our mission through relentless study of the word of God, constant experimentation, and a lot of prayer.

Abiding Kids was formed to help impart the next generation with a lasting relationship with the only true King, Jesus. It is our belief that our kids are more intelligent and capable of learning the deep and beautiful truths of scripture than they are given credit. Our work is designed to put that theory to the test by creating engaging activity boxes that give playtime an eternal purpose. Each activity box is carefully crafted to teach a specific truth. Each box will be carefully reviewed by a team of theologians and educators to ensure alignment with scripture and appropriate features for each age range.

Boxes will span multiple topics including: the gospel, the nature of God, our brokenness, worship, the church, our great mission, and many more. We believe there is one God, one truth, and one way to an everlasting relationship with God. We will incorporate that belief into each box. However, our goal is to promote transparency and believe the primary discipler of YOUR children should be YOU. As such top-level lessons are available to parents prior to purchase to ensure YOUR children are taught values you agree with.

Our Motivation

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